We're passionate about helping others, tackling the world's most pressing social issues, and developing the attributes needed for a professional career in consulting. Our team consists of individuals from a range of backgrounds, however, we are all driven to make an impact in the business landscape.

Hello, everyone! My name is Gabriela Forter. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Global Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship. As a freshman at UCLA, I was very interested in how business could make positive social and environmental impacts while still maximizing profit. I began conducting research with faculty from the UCLA Anderson School of Management on corporate social responsibility (CSR). My research was focused on financial incentives for CSR. A year later, I was one of the few students from the class selected to travel to an international Competition of Social Enterprises hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia. The conference opened my eyes to the great efforts taking place around the world to advance and promote social businesses. Ultimately, in the spring of 2016, I founded the undergraduate chapter of Net Impact with the help of a few of my classmates.

Gabriela Forter, Founder & Advisor

Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte


Impact across all spectrums

We are united by a passion to make a greater social impact on the world, with each and every one of us contributing to that mission in our own unique ways. Our focus is to bring social responsibility and environmental stewardship to business and innovation.

Adopting a growth mindset

We value the journey to success as a continuous process, not as an end-state. Therefore, we strive to achieve the best version of ourselves, of those around us, of our organization, and beyond.

Fostering a supportive, caring community

Beyond impact, we're committed to supporting each other to collectively achieve greater success. We go the extra mile to build lasting relationships so that our time with each other feels like home.