Market Research
  • Policy and Demographic Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Investment Recommendations

  • Geographic Localization

Competitive Strategy
  • Benchmarking Studies

  • Competitive Landscaping

  • New Product Development

  • Market Entry Strategies

Growth & Scalability
  • Revenue Models

  • Project Feasibility

  • Timeline Projection

  • Partnership Development

Operations Analysis
  • Impact Evaluation

  • Financial Modeling and Planning

  • Process Mapping and Analysis

  • Organizational Structure Analysis

Marketing & Outreach
  • Target Market Identification

  • B2B Marketing Strategy

  • Sustainability Marketing Strategy

  • Campaign Development

Environmental Analysis
  • Product Life Cycle Analysis

  • Waste and Resource Management

  • Sustainability Best Practices

  • Standards (e.g. GRI) Compliance

Results Delivery
  • Business Strategy Implementation

  • 3-Month Pilot Test Run

  • Company Site Visits


We provide consulting services to social enterprise corporations and companies with corporate social responsibility projects. Services include marketing, due diligence, financial projections, analysis techniques, strategy, and B corporation certification consulting.



Sustainable Fashion

Food Security

Economic Empowerment

Poverty Alleviation


Own Your History (Washington D.C.)

The NI team did terrific work.  They understood the mission and goals of OYH and did a thorough and professional job of researching and analyzing alternative possibilities for funding and partnerships. Their presentations were clear and thoughtful. As I have told faculty at UCLA and other universities, the Net Impact team was very impressive. I am grateful for their great work!


—  Robert Eager, Founder of Own Your History